Best Travel Pants for Women 2020

Best Travel Pants for Women 2020

November 13, 2019

If you're a female, it can be hard to find that perfect pair of pants for traveling. You want to be comfortable...but also look stylish...but also be ready to drop everything and explore at a moment's notice. 

There are very few travel pants that check all the boxes. Some comfy pants have waistbands that dig into your skin. Others require annoying belts that you need to take off while going through security (although not with our security belt). Some just aren't made for traveling; they look great, but are way too uncomfortable to spend your next __ hours with. 

Well, after some thorough research and hours of traveling (for the purpose of this blog, of course), I have come up with my list of the top 5 pants for traveling. 

All of these pants contain the most important features of travel pants: they're comfortable, breathable, stylish, and versatile. The travel pants on this list check all the boxes and make your journey from "here" to "there" that much better. 


5) Lululemon Align Pant II 25"


Align Pant II 25"

Lululemon obviously knows how to make a comfortable pant, and their Align Pant II's are great pants for traveling. The pants were designed to "minimize distractions and maximize comfort." While they were intended for yoga, they have a lot of versatility that make them great travel pants: sweat-wicking, four-way stretch, lightweight, Lycra fibre for stretch and shape retention. And there's a waistband pocket. While these won't necessarily give you all the benefits you want in travel pants, they definitely deserve a place on our list.


4) Patagonia Women's Happy Hike Yoga Pants

Patagonia Women's Happy Hike Studio Pants

Patagonia heard the cries for a need for the perfect travel pants and they delivered. These Yoga pants are extremely versatile - lightweight fabric, four pockets, and elasticized cuffs so you can go between capris or full-length. You can hike, bike, workout, go to dinner, or sleep in these. However, those functionalities are definitely reflected in the price of these travel pants. 


3) Coalatree Unisex Slim Fit Trail Head Pants

Coalatree Unisex Slim Fit Trail Head Pants

Comfortable, stretchy, waterproof, quick-drying, tear-resistant...these travel pants are for those who are ready to hop out and go explore nature on a moment's notice. The unisex style of these pants are flattering (on most figures), and the thicker fabric allows multiple wears before you need to wash them. These may not be the option for heading straight to a 5-star restaurant, but they are perfect for a casual meal after a long day of traveling.


2) Active Roots Harem Pants

You didn't think I would write this whole post without a little plug did ya?! But for real, harem pants (or elephant pants) actually are a great option when you're on the move. They are super loose and comfortable, lightweight and breathable, and perfect for lounging, whether in a car or on a plane. The elastic waist and ankles add a surprisingly nice touch. Also, they are BY FAR the most price-conscious travel pants on this list. Trust me, even if these aren't your go-to pants, you won't regret having a pair in your suitcase. 


1) Athleta Women's Soho Joggers

Athleta Women's Soho Joggers

There's no way around it - these are a great, affordable pair of pants perfect for traveling. Their super soft fabric and knit waistband make these pants uber comfortable. They contain four pockets (two secured in front, two in back), which make accessing your essentials super easy. Best of all, these pants are versatile - they can be dressed up with a blouse and heels or dressed down with a bulky sweatshirt. 

All of these travel pants serve different purposes, but I can promise you this - no matter which one you choose, you won't be disappointed. 

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