Hammock Hang Calculator

Hammock Hang Calculator

August 20, 2019

How to Hang Your Hammock

Congratulations, you finally have your hammock! Or at least you have aspirations of getting that hammock...but want to do your due diligence before pulling the trigger. Either way, we're here to help you out with one of the most commonly asked questions in the game of hammocking: How Do I Hang My Hammock?


Why Do I Need a Hammock Hang Calculator?

I know, it sounds silly; just find two trees sort of far apart, throw your straps around the trees, and voila! Your hammock awaits you.

Well, it can be that easy...sort of. While it seems easy enough to eyeball it (and honestly it is with the style of tree straps that come with our hammock), you'll enjoy your hammocking a lot more if you correctly calculate the distance with a hammock hang calculator. This will give you the most comfortable lounging experience, which is especially important if you plan on sleeping overnight in your hammock

All you need to know to get this insanely accurate, game-changing way to lounge in your hammock are the following:

  • Distance between trees (or whatever you're hanging your hammock inbetween)
  • Hammock length (not including hammock straps or ropes)
  • Preferred height off the ground while you're in your hammock
  • Weight of person in the hammock
  • Hang angle (how flat or steep you want the hammock to be)

So Without Further Ado, I Give You...

The Hammock Hang Calculator

Hammock Hang Calculator