Helping Save Elephants with Harem Pants!

Helping Save Elephants with Harem Pants!

November 29, 2018

Harem Pants + Elephants

When we were brainstorming ways that we could give back, we wanted to keep up with our mission of offering style and comfort to our followers alongside giving back to a cause that was important to them. During a three-month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia, I came to find two things that were as prevalent among travelers as scooter accidents - harem pants and elephants. 

Harem pants were EVERYWHERE and seemed to be the perfect travel pant  - comfortable, lightweight, stylish, and barely took up any room in a backpack or suitcase. I would see these things at hostels, overnight buses, planes, on the beach, on guys, on girls - it was like Asia had found the perfect pair of pants for nearly any adventure. 

As for elephants, almost every traveler I came across had made an effort to visit an elephant sanctuary along their travels. Something about their massive presence, goofy yet intelligent personalities, and general mystery resonated with and intrigued travelers from all over the world. It seemed like the three staples of a SE Asia trip were to go to a full moon party, scooter around the islands, and go see elephants. 

About Our Harem Pants

We source our harem pants directly from Chiang Mai, Thailand - the same city that the Elephant Conservation Center that we work with is located. We often refer to our harem pants as "elephant pants" - first because we donate a portion of each sale towards helping save elephants, and second because many of our styles include an elephant pattern that helps you show your support! 

Our pants are made of 100% Rayon fabric and feature a side pocket, elastic waist, and elastic cuffs at the ankles. They are incredibly easy to pack, flowy, and lightweight - not made for snowy mountain treks, but can be used for so many other purposes. We offer a variety of patterns and sizes to accommodate as many people as possible and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! We just want to get our harem pants on as many people as possible so we can continue to support the endangered elephant species (and of course help you look stylish AF on the road).

Where are we Donating? 

We are donating a portion of each sale to the Elephant Conservation Center in Laos. Our latest donations have gone towards sponsoring elephants at the Conservation Center, which allows us to follow their journeys as they find a better life. 

Currently, the ECC is the only company that provides international-standard welfare in Laos and actively encourages reproduction in elephants. All elephants registered in the Sponsoring program live at the ECC and are either pregnant females, mothers with their babies, injured or sick elephants undertaking treatment, or old animals enjoying their peaceful and well-deserved retirement. 

How to get Involved

We love the support and great intentions of the Active Roots audience. We would love any and all help in spreading the word of our company and the mission behind it. We have worked with various bloggers and influencers to help spread the word of our harem pants, and would love for you to help us too! If you purchase a pair of our harem pants, take some pictures and send them to us or tell your friends about our goal!

If you think you're in the wrong season for these lightweight, flowy pants don't fret - there is never a bad time to have these pants! Whether you're going to the beach in the summer, lounging by the fire with a blanket in the winter, going on a road trip, or going to yoga class, we have no doubt that these pants will become a staple of your wardrobe :)


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