Microfiber Towel: A Must-Have For Every Traveler

Microfiber Towel: A Must-Have For Every Traveler

November 16, 2017

A microfiber towel is a low-risk, high-reward investment that needs to be on your travel packing list.

I went on my first 8 month backpacking trip without a microfiber towel and regretted it from Day 1 as I was drying myself with a scummy hostel towel. And it only got worse from there...

Ever tried drying yourself with a shirt?

How about sitting in a hostel shower waiting to air dry?

Or going days on end without showering because you don't have another option?

Trust me, you don't want to do any of these. Fortunately, those situations can be avoided with one very easy and inexpensive purchase: a microfiber travel towel. I always hit the road with a microfiber towel so that as long as I can find running water, I can keep myself squeaky clean and dry off super quick. Best of all, a proper travel towel will dry super god-damn fast so you don't have to risk it stinking out your bag.

What Is A Microfiber Towel? 

OK, just in case you're from Mars, I'm going to break down exactly what a microfiber travel towel is. Basically; it's a travel-friendly towel... dun dun dun! Why are these important to you? Well, microfiber towels are lightweight, quick drying, tough and will save travelers a ton of space. They're a perfect travel aid to bring with on your adventure.

The best travel towels are made of a soft, woven microfiber material (hence the name "microfiber towel"). Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is commonly made out of polyesters, polyamides, or blends. One of the main draws of these is that they can dry in an hour or less if in direct sunlight (and only about an hour longer if not). They are the best towels for activities where space and drying time are limited.... So basically anything fun you may get up to on the road - rafting, caving, spontaneous hostel orgies - your microfiber travel towel will be your new best friend.

A microfiber travel towel is one of the most versatile pieces of gear you can bring backpacking. Sure, you can try to get by with a regular towel or hotel towel that you stole along the way, but those things absolutely gobble up space.

And those towels that your hostel provides? Trust me, you really don't want to use those. Microfiber travel towels weigh a touch over 8 ounces for the large towels, take up practically no space, and dry in a matter of minutes. Aka towel perfection!

The Convenience of Microfiber Towels 

Once you own a microfiber towel it has a tendency to work its way into your everyday life. Need a new beach towel? Check. Want a new towel for your yoga mat? Check. Need a makeshift pillow for the road? Bed curtain for your hostel? Blanket for the peak of the mountain you just summited? Check, check, check.

Furthermore, these quick dry towels fold up into a mesh bag for convenience and will fit into any bag that you bring on your trip. One thing that most travelers don’t realize is that several travel excursions recommend that you bring along a towel, and this compact towel is a great option.

The one downside of microfiber towels is that some synthetic material loves to hold onto funky smells. This can be easily avoidable, however; just make sure to take enough time before drying yourself and packing your bag and you’ll be fine. Unfortunately, I seem to lack that foresight every time I move spots and end up packing a somewhat damp, moldy-smelling towel. Luckily, if your travel towel does get a little raunchy smelling, you can just throw it in your next load of laundry or do a quick hand wash and you’re good to go!


Some people claim size doesn't matter. We disagree...

When choosing the right travel towel for you, you must consider the style, color, feel, etc. I am a strong believer that a microfiber towel checks all the boxes, but I will leave that to your discretion. However, I must say it is crucial that you choose the right towel size. If the towel's purpose is to act as a standard shower towel, make sure you get an XL. I was gifted a microfiber towel last Christmas and decided not to check it before taking off. Huge mistake. Now I’m walking out of the shared dorm showers in a scantily-clad half-size towel that fails to cover my left butt cheek…you’re welcome ladies!

If you insist on traveling with your towel from Walmart or want to roll the dice with hostels providing/renting towels, I still recommend getting the smaller microfiber face towels. These are perfect for everyday activities (i.e., hiking) and are virtually unnoticeable when packed away. You are inevitably going to run into messy situations when traveling…at the very least do yourself a favor and bring one of these along with you.
Pro tip: to get the best bang for your buck, invest in a combo pack that provides both an XL and S towel. This will cover all of your bases, and they’re so cheap that you can afford to leave one behind at any point of your trip if you decide you don’t need it.
Let’s face it; there is a certain point where you just can’t (and don’t want to) fit any more travel gear in your backpack. While sometimes it would be great to have all the luxuries that you have at home, leaving that behind and “figuring it out” as you go is part of the experience. To help you prioritize your travel gear to get you through nearly any trip, we have our top 5 travel accessory suggestions below:

Sure, you can survive without any of these. You’ll just wish you hadn’t..

Active Roots Microfiber Travel Towel 

Convinced that a travel towel needs to make an appearance on your packing list but don’t know which one to choose? Here at Active Roots, we make top-notch gear for top-notch adventurers. Our microfiber towels are lightweight, dependable, and fit any budget. Built for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, this towel will not disappoint.

We offer three colors to choose from and the necessary sizes to fulfill your needs. With the Active Roots towel, you can choose between an Extra Large, Medium, and Combo (XL & S) towel pack. The towels are made of soft woven microfiber material that feels great on your skin and dries in no time. Featuring a snap closure hanging loop, you can hang this towel from anywhere and not worry about it falling. We’re so confident that you’ll love our microfiber travel towel that we are offering a 100%, no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your Active Roots towel we will refund your full purchase.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler, a travel towel will only improve your life on the road. A wise man once said, ““A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have” (Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Just imagine what it can do for you.