How A Money Belt Will Save Your Trip

How A Money Belt Will Save Your Trip

December 05, 2019

A Money Belt is your Portable Safe

A money belt is the easiest and safest way to travel with valuables.

It's more secure than a travel wallet, holds more items than a travel belt, and is more conspicuous than a fanny pack.

I never travel without one. My money belt holds all my personal traveling necessities - cash, cards, passport, phone, and keys. And best of all, it fits underneath my clothes, completely hidden from sight! 

Money belt with valuables

There are plenty of alternatives on the market to a money belt, but none of them are quite as good. A travel security belt is a great product to own for your travels, but can only hold cash and small keys. A hidden pocket infinity scarf is perfect if you want the safety of a money belt but want to add a little fashion to your outfit, but is more ideal for cold weather trips. A hidden pocket is a little too small to carry everything you need to. 

However, with a money belt, all your essentials are safe, sound, hidden, and out of the the point that you may even forget it's on you. 

A money belt helps you become invulnerable on your travels. But that's only if you use it properly...

Some people mistakenly use a money belt interchangeably with a fanny pack. They load it with their keys, cash, chapstick, eye drops, phone charger, hand sanitizer, maps, and everything else they may throw into a purse or small backpack. Soon enough, they have a massive pack hanging on the outside of their pants bulging out practically yelling "steal my things, I'm a tourist and everything you want is right here!!!"

It's uncomfortable, unsightly, and most importantly unsafe. 

That's not what money belts were meant for. A money belt should only hold your essentials, and should sit underneath your clothes without anyone knowing that it's there. That's how you prevent pickpockets from coming after you, and that's how you stay safe on the road. 

Hidden money belt under clothes

I have traveled all around the world. I've stayed in 5 star hotels and slept on the street. I've spent countless hours on overnight buses, crossing borders with locals when I didn't speak their language and had no destination in site. 

And I've seen some of the worst happen to people who weren't smart with their belongings. 

The Real Reason I Carry a Money Belt

I'll be honest, I wasn't always smart in my travels. I'm a 6'1, 180 pound guy and feel comfortable holding my own in most situations. I'm not the ideal target for thieves.

And that used to be extremely apparent in my travels. 

I would leave my phone on my lap or on the seat next to me while I passed out on the bus. I would carry loose cash in my back pocket and pull out a wad of it when I went to pay for anything, basically begging people to come steal from me. 

Well, that changed when I ran into a girl along my travels who told me about a horror story she had while traveling in Guatemala. 

This girl was traveling with her boyfriend, who actually had a money belt on him. She did not. 

They were traveling across the country on an overnight bus. They were one of only three foreign couples on the bus, and found a spot for them to sit together toward the back of the bus. 

In the middle of the night, the bus stopped abruptly and three guys came on board, each holding a different weapon. They had created a road block, boarded the bus, assaulted the bus driver, and then turned to the patrons.

Being one of only three foreign couples, they were the obvious target. Without going into too much detail, the three men approached them and forcibly took all of their belongings - backpacks, laptops, food bags - basically anything they could get their hands on.

She lost everything - her money, passport, phone with all the memories of her trip, credit cards, and laptop.

Luckily her boyfriend had heard about the potential dangers of traveling and equipped himself with a money belt. While he still was unfortunate in losing a lot of his possessions, he had his most valuable possessions hidden and out of site from the thieves. He was able to avoid complete and total disaster by carrying his invaluable money belt. 

And that, my friends, is why I will never again travel without a money belt

Take Your Money Belt Everywhere You Go

My favorite part about a money belt is it's versatility and ease of use.

Staying in a hostel? Taking an overnight train or flight? Wear your money belt while you sleep if you can't lock it up. 

Hell, you can even bring it in the shower with you (and preferably hang it on the nozzle, curtain rod or hook instead of actually wearing it..).

Traveling can be stressful, and the last thing you need to ruin your trip is to lose your most precious valuables to add to that stress. A money belt allows you to keep your items safe and secure without worrying about pickpockets or forgetting your valuables on a table at a restaurant or cafe. It's the easiest set-it and forget-it solution you will find. 

Traveling should be a safe, comfortable experience. Don't let an easily preventable mishap ruin your trip.

Get a money belt and travel freely. 

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