Travel Fashion 102: Your Practical Travel Kit

Travel Fashion 102: Your Practical Travel Kit

February 18, 2020


No matter where you're traveling to or for what amount of time, having a go-to practical travel kit can take a lot of the stress out of packing. Travel clothing should be uber packable as well as being versatile because, in the backpacking world, our threads have to earn their keep. 

While your packing list will inevitably include more than just clothing, what you wear while you travel can either enhance the journey or become a burden. We put our heads together and came up with the home run features and clothing considerations that are an absolute must for the practical traveler. Backpackers, huddle up because this is Travel Fashion 102: The Practical Kit, and it's time to break down the best from the rest.


Some of the featured products that we will highlight below include the zipper scarf, security belt, harem pants, and foldable daypack.


Key Features of Practical Travel Clothes

Versatility and packability may be essential features for practical travel clothes, but they're not the only aspects to consider. This is especially true if you are an ultra-light traveler, and you know all too well that when carrying less, everything needs to do more and offer more. 

That means that every single item you carry should be useful and optimized for comfort and design. The clothes you wear when you travel will, in the end, be determined by your personal style and comfort level. Don't pick a travel sweatshirt just because it is called a "travel sweatshirt," and it has ten hidden pockets. It would help if you choose your practical travel clothes based on making you feel and look good while you're wearing them. 

So roping the aspects of your practical travel wardrobe together, we have versatility, packability, comfort, and style. But how do these characteristics take form in actual clothing? Well, let's take a look.

Dual Function

Many of us traveling backpackers know that it can sometimes be a challenge to pack just one bag. Trust us, we've sat on, stuck a knee into, and shook a fist at our fair share of overpacked bags. So, we completely understand the problem of paring down to just one bag. 

However, it is just so freeing to realize that you can survive with only the items you can carry. No checked bags, no extra backpacks, and no hassle. With that notion in mind, finding items that serve multiple purposes is an absolute must when choosing your travel items. 

Having a sense of versatility, particularly with clothing, allows you to use the same clothes to create multiple outfits. A scarf is an excellent example of a versatile travel item. It may seem like an unnecessary item to bring, but a scarf for travel is a must! It can jazz up any outfit, keep you warm, and some infinity travel scarves can be used to hide and protect valuables. 

Active Roots makes a zippered infinity scarf that can keep you warm and safely stash your valuables as well. The pocket is large enough to hold a passport, and you never have to worry about losing items with the zipper. Make a fashion statement no matter where you go with this lightweight travel scarf. What's more, a makeshift eye mask is perfect for sleeping in planes, trains, taxis, ferries, buses, and you get the idea. 


Our next primary factor to consider when choosing your travel clothes is how easy it is to pack them. This may seem like a no brainer, but it can be deceivingly easy to pare down what may seem like very unpackable items. 

For example, if you're headed to a warm, tropical destination, ditch the bulky go-to jeans. You don't need em! Instead, you could opt for a neutral tone dress that takes up a fraction of the space and weight. Or for the gents, consider light travel-oriented pants that feature nylon or similar materials. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but you want your bag to be easy to pack as well. Having a bag that can function both as a daypack or an extended stay pack can be hard to find. However, Active Roots Foldable Daypack is versatile enough to do just that! Plus, if you decide to bring a suitcase or larger backpack for your trip, this daypack and fold down to be the size of a small book until it's needed. 

A foldable day pack is an excellent option for travelers that want to bring a functional bag for day trips but don't want to make room for a standard backpack. Use when you need it, and forget about it when you don't. Apply this same mentality to the rest of your gear selection, and you'll be a one-bag traveler in no time!  



Comfort is number one when choosing all clothing, especially travel threads. They should be cozy enough for you to wear on planes, trains, buses, around town, or even hiking. 

But a packable and comfortable option can be tricky. Just kidding! We crafted the minimalist answer for the perfect travel pant that is versatile, lightweight, fashionable, and uber comfy. Meet the Active Roots Harem Pants, your new best friend. 

Harem pants are a fantastic travel option because of their durable nature and epically comfortable fit. They're flexible enough to do yoga in and durable enough to wear day in and day out on any adventure. The other remarkable aspect of harem pants is that the bamboo rayon fabric is not bulky and packs down easily. That means you can choose to take just one pair or a few of your favorite styles on your next trip. 

The last thing you want to think about when experiencing a new culture or languishing in an airport is how uncomfortable your clothes are and, consequently, how uncomfortable you are. If they're too bulky, itchy, or stiff, it can make even a one-hour bus ride feel like an eternity. 

Although we'd prefer to take clothes that we have worn before on our trips, if you are buying new clothes, wear them a few times before you pack them! You want to ensure you're bringing your most comfortable items.


Having durable travel items can truly make or break your trip – and your wallet – and they're the hallmark of the practical packer. Chucking half your clothes in the bin mid-trip just screams poor planning and poor investment, and now you have to spend even more money for replacements. So do yourself a favor and focus on long-lasting gear from the get go. 

This means that you may end up spending a bit more for something upfront. However, it will last you a few lifetimes longer than similar items that utilize subpar materials and construction. 

If you're a minimalistic traveler, you're packing very few items. If one primary item, say your backpack, busts halfway through your trip… well, you’re up creek without a paddle – or backpacking without a pack. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to find anything other than a school backpack, or you'll have to order a new pack online (paying international shipping fees). 

That's why our foldable backpack uses high-quality materials and construction techniques to make it last for your entire adventure, and then some. Likewise, all our items, such as harem pants, place a premium on longevity and quality.  

Durability is an even more vital aspect if you are planning a long-term backpacking adventure. If you're looking at months and months away from the nearest gear store, you'll have to make do with what you have. So always ask yourself, will this piece of gear last? Answer yes to this question, and you have an essential item to your practical traveling kit. 


At Active Roots, we know that fashion is never an afterthought of a practical clothing item. From our infinity scarf to our harem pants, you can look sexy and fashionable while enjoying the comfort and functionality of the clothing. While not everyone will be okay with wearing items over and over again, if you have accessories, like a scarf, you can change the entire look in an instant.

Your clothing, even travel clothes, is your fashion statement. Don't let the fact that you're on the go stop you from expressing yourself and feeling beautiful! Fashion can be fun, functional, and comfy all at the same time. 


Practical Travel Safety Items

Other than your clothing, the few things we always leave home with are our keys, wallet, and phone. Now, these items are especially important to us when we are in a foreign country. When we are abroad, we need to know where our passport, money, and phone are at all times.

We have all seen the inconvenient passport travel necklaces and bulky fanny packs, but they are somewhat old travel technology. If you're not wearing your zippered infinity scarf to secure your things, you want something sleek, inconspicuous, and easy to access.

One excellent option is Active Roots Money Belt. This item can store your passport, credit cards, cash, phone, keys, and other small items discreetly, and it tucks out of sign under the waist of your clothes. Unlike other money belts, you can ensure your identity is safe with RFID blocking technology. 

If an entire money belt is not your jam, or you don't have that much to carry, you can also check out the Active Roots Anti-Theft Belt. When you're wearing this belt, it looks precisely like a standard belt you would wear to secure your pants to the proper fit. However, it is equipped with an inside pocket that is just big enough to fit valuables like cash or your keys. This belt takes anti-theft travel gear to a whole new level of discrete. 

Losing your passport or having all of your cash lifted off of you during a trip can quickly ruin your day. Not only that, but it can end up cutting your trip short entirely. Keeping your valuables safe can be tricky when you are trying to enjoy the things around you. That's why having practical and functional items like a money belt or an anti-theft belt can be a relief. You can rest assured everything you need is on you at all times, with the added benefit of being easy to access, but only by you. 


Know Your Travel Needs

Whether you're headed out of town for a weekend, or you are embarking on a months-long journey overseas, your packing list should fit your needs first. We have laid out a few essential considerations for you when choosing minimalistic travel clothing. But, these are recommendations, and it's up to you to zero in on your needs. 

If you are traveling for more than a week, your clothing options may also be determined by your access to laundry and the area's climate. Following the guidelines we laid out above can lead you in the right direction for choosing the perfect travel wardrobe for you. Still, in the end, you need to be comfortable with not only the items you're bringing but with how much you can carry with you. 

Our Ultimate Practical Fashion Travel Kit 

While you will need to pack more than the items we have included in our ultimate travel kit, we've given you all the right building blocks to a go-to grab bag for weekends and beyond. We strive to make our items not only functional but comfortable as well. 

The Active Roots ultimate practical fashion kit includes:

●     Zippered Infinity Scarf

●     Harem Pants

●     Money Belt  OR Anti-Theft Belt

●     Foldable Backpack

Honorable Mentions: 

●     Hanging Toiletry Bag

●     Microfiber Towel

●     Insulated Reusable Water Bottle

●     World Map Snapback

There you have it, intrepid backpackers. Now go forth and start putting together that amazing travel kit while asking yourself four essential questions. Is this versatile? Is this packable? Is this comfortable? And is this stylish? Check all these boxes, and you have earned the title of superstar practical traveler!

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