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Our versatile, lightweight harem pants are as good as wearing no pants at all. Chic, fashionable, yet comfortable, our pants are made from a soft rayon material to give you ultimate comfort and flexibility. These pants include three features that blow away the competition: 

  1. 100% Bamboo Rayon Material - to give you ultimate comfort and flexibility
  2. Elastic Waist - our pants will feel comfortably snug no matter what size you are (or how many quarantine snacks you've eaten)
  3. Side Pocket - that's right, these pants have a magical side pocket that's incredibly nice to have

And to top it all off, we donate to charity with every purchase.

We've found the perfect combination of fashion, comfort, and versatility. It's time for you to experience true bliss. 


Size Chart

Small size fits US 0-12 

Medium fits US 2-14 

Large fits US 6-20 

XL fits US 10-26+ 

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Size Guide

     Small (US Sizes 0 - 12) :

     Waist: 22" - 30"          Inseam: 31"

     Length: 42"                Rise: 13"

     Medium (US Sizes 2 - 14) :

     Waist: 25" - 32"          Inseam: 31"

     Length: 42"                Rise: 13"

     Large (US Sizes 6 - 20) :

     Waist: 28" - 42"          Inseam: 31"

     Length: 42"                Rise: 13"

     XL (US Sizes 10 - 26+)

     Waist: 32" - 46"          Inseam: 31"

     Length: 42"                Rise: 13"

perfect for any activity

Whether you're doing handstands, out on a hike, chilling at the beach, or cozying up to Netflix, our harem pants provide a functional, flexible, and fashionable twist. The soft, flowy material and elastic waist will give you endless versatility. 

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chic, flexible, & fashionable

Once you put these pants on, you won't want to take them off. With an airy flow to make sure you stay cool and comfortable and an elastic waist for an ideal fit, our harem pants offer the flexibility you need. Oh, and they also make your pictures pop... and we know you'll be posting to Instagram 😉

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