Elephant Conservation Center

As the world has provided us with so much, we believe it's important for us to give something back. One thing that I love about travelers is their passion to help others and make the world a better place. When you travel, you gain a unique perspective and appreciation for life and the things around you. We want to help turn that perspective into action. In order to do this, we have decided to work with the Elephant Conservation Center to help conserve the endangered elephant species in Laos.

What is the ECC?

The Elephant Conservation Center is Laos’ first hospital dedicated to elephant victims of logging accidents and affected by diseases. It is currently the only company that provides international-standard welfare in Laos and actively encourages reproduction in elephants. The ECC offers veterinary care services, an emergency unit, laboratory and facilities to control animals prior to surgery. The Center also offers guided tours and accommodation. Here, visitors have the chance to get a great experience alongside the Asian elephant while knowing that their visit is not harming the elephants or supporting their exploitation.

How Do We Help?

For each purchase of an Active Roots item, we donate a percentage to the ECC. We were very careful and diligent in selecting the cause and organization that we wanted to support, and are ecstatic to have landed on the ECC. These guys are the real deal; they care for their elephants in a loving, respectable, humane way. With your continued support, we can help them provide a safe environment for this severely endangered species. Your purchase enables us to continue to support great causes like this and save the elephants!