Our Team

Will Hatton

Founder of The Broke Backpacker Adventure Travel Blog, Will is a UK native who has been on the road 10+ years. His specialty is providing travelers with a unique, real perspective on some of the most captivating and unexplored territories in the world. He is a true adventure junkie: freezing peaks, steaming jungles, crashing waves; if it gets his heart pumping, he's in. Will always looks to help a fellow nomad any way he can. His experiences and knowledge about adventure travel have made him an expert in the field, and he aims to use that expertise to help travelers enjoy the best experience possible while on the road.

DJ Schoonover

A graduate from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!), DJ has been involved in everything from early start-ups to Fortune 500's. After a couple years of feeling like an ant in a colony, he decided to leave the corporate life to explore the world. A 3-month trip to Australia quickly snowballed into 2 years of traveling through Australia, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, and the USA. DJ's true passion resides in once-in-a-lifetime experiences and doing things that most haven't. Setting up at coffee shops and enjoying the digital nomad life, DJ continues to travel the world in an effort to satisfy his insatiable appetite for adventure.