Travel Fashion 101: Finding your Threads

Travel Fashion 101: Finding Your Threads


Backpackers! We stand apart from the casual tourists in oh so many ways. Staying off the beaten path, substituting hotel closets with backpacks, and sporting a wardrobe that shows off your personal travel flare. But right now, it's the wardrobe aspect to the traveling style we'd like to draw your attention to.  


You know how it goes. If your shirt doesn't have at least three different uses/occasions, it's not worth carrying. Additionally, traveling is your chance to embrace the fun and funky styles out there, mixed with your own personal spark. But our stylish, multi-use clothes also need to hold up over time. Bringing it all together, the formula for the perfect casual backpacking threads boils down to comfortable yet long-lasting and stylish yet functional. 


Whoa now, that's a tall order. Those are a lot of boxes to check to find the perfect casual threads for a backpacking trip. Well, don't worry about it. That's precisely why we started Active Roots, to help you connect with your inner travel stylist and find some swish threads for your next adventure. 


We're here to get you kitted from head to toe for your backpacking lifestyle, whether you're riding chicken buses through South America or island hopping through Asia. Read on, find your threads, and hit the road in style – and comfort – and function – oh, and rugged durability. Folks, this is Travel Fashion 101: Finding Your Threads, and class is in session. 





The first cornerstone of backpacking, comfort. We just want our travel threads to feel nice and cozy as we hitchhike through South America, take in the sights of Asia, spend the night at the airport, or any number of our everyday life occurrences. Of course, our 'everyday life' is only slightly outside the norm. That is, if you define 'slightly' as lightyears of difference that absolutely demands premium comfort. 


Our shirts can't start to itch after wearing them for a few hours just as our pants can't bind up and inhibit our awesome dance kicks. So, the first lesson of Travel Fashion 101 is to focus on comfort with laser precision, and we can help you out in that department. 


Target Threads 


For the intrepid female backpackers out there, we have harem pants. Haven't heard of them before? Let us clue you in. Harem pants are thin, lightweight, and incredibly flowy pants the provide entirely unrestricted movement. In the world of backpacking, or anywhere else for that matter, we know that non-constrictive clothing equals comfort, every time. 


What's more, we have several beautiful colors and patterns available to suit any taste. Remember, backpacking is your chance to break free from the standard day to day clothing and embrace the swish travel style. Welcome it, let your adventurous travel style out for a little air, and enjoy these pants. 


What's more, these harem pants are also exceptionally breathable, making them perfect for warm climate adventures. Think South America, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Now we wouldn't recommend them for your next Iceland trip, but you do you. 


While we're talking comfortable lady's travel threads, consider a cozy infinity scarf to accessorize your travel wardrobe. These scarves are soft, snug, and look great just about anywhere. A fashion statement, an impromptu eye mask on a plane, protection against chilly mornings, and a stash pocket for valuables at the same time – making it as functional as it is comfortable. Remember, functional is our second cornerstone of the best travel threads, so let's take a closer look.




The best travel threads have a purpose beyond just feeling good, they have to serve that backpacking life with some sort of functionality. So, while keeping an eye on your personal travel look, swivel that other eye towards practical or dual-purpose items. Need an example or two? Good, let's elaborate.


Target Threads 


In the case of our Active Roots Scarf, we have a hidden pocket to stash anything from cash to keys. But Gents, we haven't forgotten about you, and instead of a scarf, we offer a highly functional anti-theft belt. A hidden pocket on the inner side of this belt will keep your money secure and safe from a pesky pickpocket, and keep your pants up at the same time – so we'll call that doubly functional. 


But who said travel threads just have to be clothes? Your equipment is just as vital as your wardrobe for your backpacking style, and another chance to stock up on cool travel swag. What's more, what's a backpacker without a sleek backpack? 


Think a standard 34L backpack is functional enough? Neither did we, so that's why we offer you travelers a foldable backpack. Seriously, this beast can fold down to the size of a small book, yet has seven separate compartments to hold 34 liter's worth of gear. Our foldable backpack is also neutrally colored, making it a killer choice for both men and women. 


At Active Roots, we love fun and funky travel threads. But remember to keep an eye open for functionality as you pick out your backpacking clothes. We have limited space, so make your threads pull their weight by offering you something more than just looking good. But speaking of looking good, don't assume that style should be tossed to the wayside. 




Breaking from society's regular clothes and norms for backpacking is exhilarating. Here's your chance to enter the style makeover machine and find the travel version of yourself, so let us help you emerge looking great. 


Every single region and country in the world has something unique to offer in terms of style. We have macramé bracelets and guayabera shirts in Latin America, vibrant and colorful blouses in Asia, and everything in between. Step up, try the local threads, and create the perfect travel style. 


However, we don't have to wait until we get to a new destination before we find some snazzy travel garb. Many of your favorite articles will be those that look great anywhere and can stick with you no matter where your travels take you.  


Target Threads 


To that end, we have our world map snapback hat. Show everyone that the world is your back yard wherever your adventures take you. From chasing the surf to backpacking up a mountain, this hat looks great and is the epitome of funky yet stylish travel threads. 


But our style streak doesn't end there. All our products are designed to project the mellow and laid-back travel vibe. Cool colors and fun patterns abound in just about everything we offer. Recall those incredibly comfortable harem pants? Well, we have 11 different styles and colors for you to choose from. All part of our desire to equip every casual backpacker out there with the perfect casual style to take on the road. 


Fresh travel style doesn't necessarily mean bright and vibrant, however. Subtle has its place; namely, it's near-infinite combination options with other clothing. Our functional anti-theft belt is classic black. Meaning that no matter your pants or shirt choices, this handy belt will blend right in to be a part of your travel style wherever you go. Our hidden pocket scarf follows this trend, with a pleasing yet unobtrusive style that can be added to your clothing repertoire regardless of the occasion. 


Please don't underestimate the importance of picking out travel threads that embody your style. Backpacking is your chance to break free and redefine your image. Take the opportunity, and a little bit of our advice, to shine and show the world that you're both fearless and a snazzy dresser. Embrace the local trends on the road, try out those accessories or shirts, and enjoy the ride. 




We'd give better odds to a mouse at a hawk convention than we would to flimsy travel threads. On the road, durability is absolutely paramount. Without it, your favorite comfortable, functional, and great looking clothes will far apart in no time. Because, as we all know, the backpacking lifestyle takes no prisoners when it comes to clothing. 


The near-constant moving, adventuring, discovering, and (we hope) dancing inflicts its toll on your clothing. Therefore, pay particular attention to durability when putting together that impressive wardrobe. Look for materials that are designed to last for the long run and can keep up with you wherever your travels take you. 


Luckily for you, we know just how harsh travel is on your clothing because that's the life we live and love. So you can bet all Active Roots products are designed to carry their weight from one continent to the next. 


Target Threads 


Our harem pants' 100% bamboo rayon material, for example, is constructed to hold up against everything backpacking can throw at them. But our penchant for longevity doesn't end there. 


Nothing says 'amateur' like going on a backpacking adventure with a pack that falls apart midway through. But you'll never have to cross that bridge with our foldable backpack. The incredibly durable and water-resistant material is designed to keep your gear safe no matter where your travels lead. From hucking your bag on busses to sliding it under your hostel bed, this bag is ready to roll with the punches. 


Bring it All Together 


So, those casual travel threads have their work cut out for them. Let's review the critical components of ideal clothing for an epic backpacking trip. 


Comfort. Finding your perfect travel threads means finding items that are a pleasure to wear. Cozy pants that feel just as good climbing a mountain as they do while curled up on a bus. Comfy jackets and shirts that never ever drift into the realm of itchy or scratchy. And you get the idea.


Function. Even casual backpacker threads often need a purpose beyond just feeling good. A pocket here, a zipper there, a second use, and so on. So, ask yourself: what does this particular item offer me? We take this aspect of travel clothing very seriously at Active Roots, hence our hidden pocket scarf and anti-theft belt. We want to make your threads earn their keep, and our products hit the bullseye in that department.


Style. The backpacking community is full of funky and unique styles, and we love it! That's why all our clothes and accessories are designed for your casual travelers out there. They're fashionable and stylish with just enough chic to keep your travels as classy as they are awesome.


Durability. Stylish travel threads that are also tough enough to hold up to the backpacking life? No, it's not too good to be true, it's Active Roots. We've traveled those roads and tossed our fair share of clothes in the bin after they let us down. But our products are designed to stick with your through thick and thin. You backpackers deserve threads that have you covered no matter what happens – literally – and we're pleased to deliver, with a stylish flourish.


Pull these four items together, and we have the perfect backpacker threads. Clothes that are stylish and look great anywhere, and can go anywhere thanks to their comfort and durability. Those are precisely the aspects of the cool and casual travel garb that we focus on here at Active Roots. Look great, be comfortable, have function, and see the world.  


Great Travel Threads for a Great Cause


One final point to consider when filling up your pack for a trip is giving back. We're lucky in that every adventure we undertake and every place we see opens up a new corner of the world, and we know that everything's not always perfect. That's why we donate a portion of each and every sale to one of several charities we support. From rainforest protection, to clean water, to elephant welfare, we're trying to keep the world beautiful, and hopefully make it a little better where we can.



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